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Mr. Huttle's Diverse Books Club

Mr. Huttle's Diverse Books Club

As the lunch bell rings, a group of Cougar Ridge fifth graders grab lunch and walk down the halls of Cougar Ridge Elementary to Mckay Huttle's classroom. It's time for the monthly gathering of Huttle's Diverse Books Club, where fifth graders who love to read and discuss books can explore humankind's relationship with race, diversity, disabilities, marginalization, immigration, cultures and traditions.

As the students settle into desks, Huttle raises a copy of this month's book: "I Am Not a Number," a story based on the life of co-author Jenny Dupuis' First Nation grandmother and her forced enrollment in a residential school. Watch this video for a glimpse into the Diverse Books Club and why students willingly give up their lunch and recess time to meet for 40 minutes each month.