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School Improvement Plan

What is a School Improvement Plan?

A School Improvement Plan (SIP) is a strategic blueprint that schools use to enhance student learning and improve educational practices. It outlines specific goals for improvement, actions to achieve those goals, and methods for measuring progress.

Key Points of a SIP:

  • Goals: Clear objectives the school aims to achieve to enhance student outcomes.
  • Actions: Steps and strategies the school will implement to reach its goals, based on research and effective practices.
  • Monitoring: Regular review of progress with adjustments made to ensure the school stays on track toward its improvement objectives.

The purpose of a SIP is to provide a clear roadmap for schools to improve educational outcomes for all students, particularly focusing on eliminating disparities and ensuring equitable opportunities for every student.

Every school in Washington State is required to have a School Improvement Plan.

Monitoring and Adjusting:

A SIP is not set in stone. It's reviewed regularly, with progress monitored against the set goals and activities adjusted as needed to stay on track toward improvement.

Visit the Issaquah School District SIP website to learn more about SIPs.

District - School Improvement Plans


Front of Cougar Ridge Elementary School

Achievement Goals

By Spring 2024:

  1. Achievement for all students (grades 3-5) in the area of math will increase from 85% meeting or exceeding standard to 90% as measured by the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA).  


  2. Achievement for all students receiving ELL services will increase from 37.5% meeting standard to 45.5% or more as measured by the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) in English Language Arts.

Guiding Questions

Reflecting on previous action plans

Backed by Data

Schools use multiple data sources to inform their planning. Progress toward school improvement in overall achievement and disproportionality is monitored using state and district measures using a common School Improvement Data Dashboard.

Data Workbook for Elementary School

School-Based Action Plan

Action Implementation Impact: Evidence/Monitoring

Professional Development (Math)

  • District Math TOSA, Rowena Duane, and Cougar Ridge teacher, Agnes Jang, will lead a series of math professional learning opportunities for all classroom teachers.

  • In addition, each grade level will have a half-day release (March 2023) to collaborate with Rowena and Agnes related to the math running records they will be tracking in their classroom.


  • Increase in i-Ready Math Diagnostic Scores

  • Better understanding of student math processing and skill

ASAP Math (Grades 1-5)

Students (grades 1-5) identified to have low Numbers and Operations scores (below 2.00 for most grade levels) from the fall 2022 i-Ready diagnostic score, will be invited to participate in a before school math intervention program. Class size for each group will be 6 or fewer students. This 12-week ASAP math intervention program will run from January 10 to April 6, 2023. Funding for this intervention program is provided through a grant from the Issaquah Schools Foundation.

  • Increase in ASAP Assessment Scores (Pre vs. Post)

  • Increase in i-Ready diagnostic scores in the domain of Numbers and Operations

Small Group Math Instruction

All classrooms will provide differentiated small group math instruction at least 4x/week.

Increase in percentage of i-Ready Math Typical and Stretch Growth percentages

i-Ready Math – My Path

Students will have multiple opportunities throughout the school day to access i-Ready My Path in Math.

Increase in percentage of i-Ready Math Typical and Stretch Growth percentages

Monthly Math Challenge and Online Tournament Cougar Ridge PTA is offering all students (K-5) a monthly math challenge. These monthly questions get progressively more difficult and are provided online monthly. In addition, all students were invited to participate in an online math tournament to be held on Saturday, Dec. 3, 2022. Number of Participants and Number of Math Challenges completed

SIP Team & Final Review

  • Principal: Drew Terry
  • Site Council/PTSA Review Date: January 31, 2023
  • Supervisor Review: Melinda Reynvaan
  • School Board Review Date: February 15, 2023

Leadership Team:  

  • Elisabeth Carroll, Kindergarten

  • Colleen Rose, Grade 1

  • Chrissy Bachman, Grade 2

  • Megan Hand, Grade 3

  • Steve Boynton, Grade 4

  • Brittany Goldfinch, Grade 5

  • Kristy Joslin, Specialist

  • Adrienne Parker, Special Education

  • Anne Miller, Dean of Students

  • Shawna Tredway, Paraprofessional